Vote Leave

Here’s what Great Britain could do outside of the European Union !

  1. We could re-take control of our own borders and choose who we allow in and who we keep out.
  2.  We could make all our own laws in our own sovereign parliament elected by you, keeping laws that are good for our country and scrapping laws that have been imposed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.
  3. We could use the £55,000,000 each day that we pay to the EU and use it support the NHS (Hospitals, Nurses, Elderly Care and Doctors), Education, Affordable Housing, Flood Defences and our Armed Services.
  4. We could trade freely and directly with the wider world especially with our friends in the Commonwealth as well as with Europe. Britain is the fifth largest economy in the World and we buy much more from the EU than they buy from us, so continued trade with the EU is guaranteed.
  5. We could scrap many of the thousands of EU directives that make life difficult for most of our small and medium sized businesses – businesses that, collectively employ far more of us than the Big Corporations that want us to stay in the EU.

We will be an even Greater Britain when we leave the EU!


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