Congestion killing Harrogate! Put bypass back on agenda says Simister

Congestion killing Harrogate! Put bypass back on agenda says Simister

North Yorkshire county councillor David Simister is calling for the debate on a northern bypass for Harrogate to be reopened forthwith!

David Simister, the UKIP member for Bilton & Nidd Gorge, said traffic and congestion was killing the spa town and this condition would only get worse with the construction of hundreds more homes in the area.

County Coun Simister said: “A recent Harrogate Borough Council meeting asked business owners what the District needed in order to attract investment and new jobs to the area. The number one priority was to improve the town’s appalling transport links.

“Skipton Road is one of the most congested roads outside of London, and this will be crippling when hundreds of new homes are built on land opposite Saltergate School.

“Two decades ago when the southern bypass was opened, the biggest error was not constructing a relief road to the west and north of the town. The county council even went to the lengths of compulsory purchasing properties along the proposed route.

“This urgently needs to be looked at again. If we are serious about attracting businesses to the district we need to ensure we have a road and rail infrastructure that can cope with the current, daily demands of tens-of-thousands of commuters, let alone what that will become in a few years’ time.

“We have an antiquated rail link that makes third world countries look impressive and our limited road network is crumbling through abject neglect.

“If we have tens-of-millions-of-pounds to waste on a new and unnecessary incinerator, let’s, for a change, do something sensible and build up our transport network before it’s too late.”

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